Wrong Ways to Use the Law of Attraction and
Evolve With Your Life using the Law of Attraction

There are a few big mistakes that some
people make when it comes to the Law of
Attraction and the biggest issue is
with expectations. Some people fail to
completely understand how the universe
works so they expect results and
changes in their lives to happen right
away. We live in the instant
gratification age.

The Law of Attraction is not magic,
it’s not a magic diet pill, and it’s
not a genie in a bottle. Some people
say, well I changed the way I think,
focused on what I wanted, I let go of
the negativity but nothing happened
right away; they suddenly want
everything exactly how they want it to

What is going on in your life right now
and the place you are right now is a
manifestation of what you’ve already
lived. What you have today is part of
the cause and effect for the time you
already lived.

Another thing to remember is to not
focus on what you don’t have. For
example, I want a big house but I only
have a little house, it’s too small. I
want a brand new SUV but all I have is
a little car; you’re focusing on the
negative without even realizing it.

People have a hard time understanding
that the universe doesn’t work on your
timetable, so not visualizing and only
visualizing the wrong way will not get
you the results you are looking for.
Self-doubt and impatience are the signs
that you have some wrong beliefs about
the way the universe and the Law of
Attraction works.

It is important that you make sure that
what you believe lines up with what you
want. If you want something, through
the Law of Attraction, you can have it.
However, if you want something but
don’t believe that it will happen, well
then it won’t.

Remember the Law of Attraction is not
like a get rich quick scheme and that
is definitely the wrong way to use or
think of it and as such the universe
will not respond to a belief or a focus
that comes from anything that is

The absolute wrong way to use the Law
of Attraction is to think that all you
have to do is believe and it will just
happen without doing anything else. You
have to make sure you focus on what you
want. You have to visualize it as if
it’s already happened and just know
that it’s going to happen.


Evolve With Your Life using the Law of Attraction

So what happens if you set your goal
and by using the Law of Attraction you
end up reaching your goals or if you
change your mind?

Not a problem, the Law of Attraction
remains in place even when you’ve
achieved your goals; what you’ve
visualized. What you’ll need to do once
you reached your goal is to set a new
goal; see a new visualization. You’ll
want to keep doing this to keep the Law
of Attraction constantly at work in
your life.

If you don’t allow the Law of
Attraction to evolve you become
affected by self-doubts. You can begin
to lose your passion for the direction
that you want your life to go in and
for what you’d like to see happen and
accomplish in your life.

Remember everything you do today, even
if you have reached your goals, will
affect your tomorrows just because
simply that’s how the Law of Attraction

– Jewel 😉

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