Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

The Law of Attraction for weight loss
is pretty much the same as with wealth
and relationships. In other words, if
you think you’re fat, then you are. If
you also believe that you will never
lose weight, than that’s exactly what
will happen, you won’t.

As with before, your thoughts will help
with the exact vibration from the
universe that you send out. Basically,
if the thoughts you send out into the
universe are that you won’t ever be
able to succeed in losing weight, then
you won’t be able to lose any weight
until you change your way of thinking.

Read the stories of the people that
have been wildly successful with their
weight loss, even the ones that were
able to lose hundreds of pounds. It
wasn’t because they found new weight
loss information, or they found a magic
pill, it was because of the way they
thought about their weight loss

They turned their negative thoughts of,
“I’ll never lose weight, I guess I’m
just meant to be overweight”, to “that’s
it, I’ve made up my mind, I’m committed
to doing this and I will do it”, way of
thinking and then they were able to
accomplish something they had a lot of
issues with before. When you do that,
the universe will respond by affirming
that belief.

Just like with relationships and money,
in weight loss you will attract what
you put out into the universe. Your
visualization of your weight loss
journey and success, will determine
your attitude towards losing weight.

There are many reasons people may have
put on weight, such as injuries, health
conditions that you may not have
control over. Some people were not
taught the correct way of eating so as
to not gain weight, some issues could
be from the way you were taught as a
child to eat everything on your plate
or other ideas from your childhood.

The important thing to remember is not
to focus on what you can’t do or what
you can’t help because those negative
thoughts will embed themselves in your
life and it will keep you exactly where
you are, where you don’t want to be.

This is something great to remember
“you cannot change what you can’t
change, but you can change what you can
change.” Remember, you are the master
of you, the master of how you allow
things to affect you. You are the
master of whether or not you let things
or situations give you a negative
viewpoint in life or a positive
viewpoint. You and only you have the
power to make change happen.

It is important to remember that you
shouldn’t just visualize yourself as
better looking and happier once the
weight is off. You must accept and love
yourself the way you are right now. No
matter what, you need to take care of
yourself, accept yourself, and most
importantly love yourself. There is
only one special you, you are one of a

So to help lose weight by using the Law
of Attraction it is important that you
change what you want changed about your
weight. Don’t focus on the negatives of
weight loss, don’t dwell on things you
can’t do. Don’t say things like, “I
can’t have that extra slice of pizza”,
for example. Instead concentrate and
think about what you will gain.

Focus on all the positive things that
are associated with weight loss. Things
such as “I’m going to get that new
outfit because I’m slender enough to
fit in it” or “it will be nice not to
be out of breath after just walking
down the street”.

Just decide that you have won the
battle of the bulge and treat yourself
as if you had. When you expect positive
results you’ll get them.

– Jewel  😉



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