Law of Attraction for Wealth

Let’s be honest, most people want to
know if the Law of Attraction can be
used to attract wealth and the answer
is a definite yes, yes it can. If you
tap into that energy, you end up with
exactly what you want.

Of all the universal laws out there,
the Law of Attraction is the best one
that helps give you whatever it is that
your thoughts dwell on; if you think
positive thoughts about it, it will
grow and reach its potential.

The reason this happens is because the
Law of Attraction is a universal law
that responds to your focus. If you
focus on health, money, love,
relationships, you are the reason
behind your life situations and only
you can change it.

With regards to wealth, wealth is
available for everyone equally. For
example, if you look at a person that
has plenty of money, an amazing house,
nice cars, takes lavish vacations, and
you think, that will never be you, then
you’re absolutely right, it won’t ever
be you.

The amount of money and things you have
in your life or can accomplish in your
life relies solely on what you focus
on, for example, with regards to
wealth, how do you visualize money? Do
you feel that some people are just
destined to have plenty of money and
that some aren’t?

As soon as you entertained that
negative thought, you made it your
reality. By thinking negatively, you
tapped into the metaphysical vibrations
and you actually sent that attraction
spiraling away from you.

When you look at people with plenty of
money, the ones that live the kind of
life they choose, you will also notice
that they don’t focus on money, they
just expect it to be there; it’s just
simply there in their lives.

For wealthy people, wealth is a
byproduct of the way they think and
visualize wealth. For example, $50,000
for some people is just like having
spare change, while for others it will
be an amount they don’t think they will
ever see in their lifetime, it’s a
huge amount of money.

In order to make the Law of Attraction
work for you in the wealth area, you’ll
have to change your views on money.
Start by thinking about what you would
consider to be a large amount of money.
Depending on you, it could be $5,000 or

Once you have the money amount, don’t
start by focusing on the money. If you
want to start bringing more money into
your life, think about the amount that
you just considered to be a large
amount of money and think about it as
being your normal amount of money.
Picture it as it’s meant for you. Just
accept it as what you should have and
expect that amount of money to be

Be careful that you only think positive
thoughts because if you think about
that certain amount of money and then
you think to yourself that this will
never happen for you or that it seems
like way too much money for you to ever
have, then that’s exactly what will
happen because you’ve pushed out a
negative vibration into the universe.

The universe doesn’t think about money
or care about money in any form of
amounts, it just simply exists. It’s
your responsibility to use the power to
draw the money to you.

Think about an amount that you would
like to have. Also, don’t just think of
it as a one-time occurrence, for
example, like winning the lottery, or
getting a huge inheritance or bonus,
see it as this is the way your life is,
this is your normal financial way of

Learn to think and see what you’re
worth in a whole different light. I
have fallen into this myself in the
past where if you’re working at a job
and you know you’re being underpaid,
you automatically tell yourself that
you’re fortunate to have a job in this
economy. Don’t make the mistake of
settling for less then what you

Why you ask? The reason is because even
during the times when there are
economic issues, the economy may be at
its worst, people are still thriving
financially. There are always new
businesses being created, individuals
succeeding because they expect to and
they are positive that they are going
to. Best person to follow that has this
type of thought is Warren Buffett.

Have you heard of stories where the
person lost their jobs due to layoffs
or other reasons and panicked only to
realize later on it was the best thing
that may have ever happened to them?
That has happened to me. I was laid off
and I thought the world was going to
end; it was the force finally shoving
me out because I was too afraid to take
the leap.

You’ll see people that will decide to
create their own jobs, businesses, and
wealth, and then become wealthy.
Remember, when one door closes … then
open it … that’s how doors work.

People that are able to take a negative
situation and turn it into a life
changing experience refuse to give into
negativity and the last thing they do
is focus on the situation, instead they
visualize what they want and go for it.

But remember, you can’t make wealth
your focus. Look at the people that
simply work for the money, sometimes
long hours, missing their families,
you’ll notice that those are the people
that are unhappy and seem less
fulfilled. Even though they make lots
of money, most don’t even like their

Remember not all wealth comes in the
form of getting more money. For some
people, wealth is found in inner peace
from having a career that satisfies
something within them, for example, a
career where you make a difference in
the lives of people or maybe the lives of

For some people the Law of Attraction
works to give them a meaningful career
that provides them with a lot of joy
and peace. They are passionate about
their work and have a vision of what
they want that is fulfilling, which
makes their lives happier.

In my case, for example, I want to
desperately work for myself, have my
own company; I don’t want to work in a
J.O.B. anymore. That is what would make
me the happiest and the most fulfilled,
the money would be a nice side benefit
for sure.

– Jewel 😉

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