What is the Law of Attraction? Movies
such as “The Secret”, has helped in
making many people all over the world
aware of the Law of Attraction.

But … the more people talk about it,
the murkier it seems to get. It’s very
easy to see why this is causing many
people to be skeptical while others are

Some people are so close-minded that
they are dead set against this type of
thinking; they don’t even think of the
possibility that it could be real.

Then we have the people that believe,
but for some reason they can’t quite
accept that the Law of Attraction would
actually deliver something of tangible
value to their lives.

Then we have the people that want to
use it, however, they are confused
because of simple overuse, lack of
clarity, and a tremendous amount of

Regardless of the confusion, it does
change people’s lives for the better.
It has a direct and profound impact on
how people think, the things they say,
and the things they do.

The Law of Attraction has helped people
in many ways. It has helped people get
over fears, attain their desires, meet
the right people, and most importantly
make their dreams come true. The bottom
line is to use the right framework.

Following are the 6 common myths about
the Law of Attraction that holds people
back. Unfortunately people hang on to
these thoughts and that’s why it
doesn’t work for them. If you let go of
these myths, you’ll be amazed at the
impact it can have on your life. Let’s
look at the 6 myths.

Myth #1: The Law Is Magical
Let’s clear this up right in the
beginning, it’s not magical, the
thinking is magical, it’s actually the
complete opposite. Some people
automatically think witches, wizards,
and the supernatural.

Whether you like it or not, you have a
direct and profound role in how you
perceive reality, the way you act on it
is the way you ultimately shape it. The
Law of Attraction works with your
innate, human ability to perceive,
shape, and ultimately “edit” your
reality; absolutely no magic involved.

Myth #2: This Is All Just
Self-Hypnosis Or Delusion
Another line of thought of the critics
point to the fact that since people are
using affirmations or conscious or
purposeful thoughts, that this is just
an exaggerated form of self-hypnosis.
The critics state that it’s almost like
you’re playing mind games with

You’re dealing with reality and it’s up
to you how you choose to perceive and
act on your personal reality. You are
learning the skill of purposeful

Myth #3: The Law Of Attraction Is Just
Wishful Thinking
A lot of the mainstream depicts the Law
of Attraction as its involving people
engaged in affirmations. People think
it’s just standing in front of a mirror
saying certain truths to themselves.
This is not completely true; it’s just
a tiny fraction of what goes on. It’s
definitely an important part; however,
by no means does it form the bulk of

The law works because it drives you to
take action. In other words, you can do
all the wishful thinking you want;
however, your life will not change
unless you take some kind of action on
the things you purposefully think

Myth #4: This Is All Just About
Again since the common media portrays
the Law of Attraction as involving
people saying certain power words and
power statements to themselves; some
people dismiss it as self-talk. It
requires more than just talking about
what you want to happen, it requires
total being.

It’s important to understand that your
life is a result of your decisions and
nobody else’s. The Law simply makes
this process more purposeful,
transparent, and rational; that’s how
the Law of Attraction works.

It’s important to remember that it also
operates on many levels. It changes who
you are inside as well as your
perception of others.

Myth #5: It’s Just A One Time Thing
In order for the Law of Attraction to
produce positive effects in and on your
life, it involves changing your habits.
These changes can turn your life around
and it can last a lifetime.

Myth #6: It Requires Special Time Or
Secret and Mysterious Training
You don’t need to spend hours and hours
to incorporate this in your life; this
can be put into place into daily
details of your life.

For some people, it has become so
seamless that they don’t even notice
anymore and everything flows smoothly
because the Law is an integral part of
their lives and who they are as people.

The bottom line is simple. Are you
going to be the person that will have
incredibly awesome things happen to in
you in your lifetime, or are you going
to be the poor soul, the unfortunate
person that things happen to? Which
will it be?

The next part is the 3 steps, also
known as the “meat” of the program to
using the Law of Attraction. These 3
guidelines are very important. The
first and most important thing is to
“be clear about what you want” and then
follow the next 3 steps.

1. Make sure you follow them;
2. Don’t skip any; and
3. Take as long as you want with each
step; don’t skip any of the steps.

Most people fail because they are
unclear about what they really want. A
lot of times people are unclear because
they are simply trying to live other
people’s lives. What you need is
clarity and the following 3 steps will
make this happen.

First, ask yourself how badly do you
want what you think you want; whether
that’s a house, or 3 cars, or traveling
the world, etc., do you really want

If you answered yes then you need to
answer these questions:

What will you give up to make these
things happen?
How hard will you work to make these
things happen?
How long will you go for it?

These questions are very important to
ask yourself because they go a long way
in determining whether or not you’re
doing this because someone else is
doing it or it’s what other people want
for you. Or, are you doing this because
this is what you truly want, what you

The next step is using what journalists
use as their six key questions. When a
journalist comes across a story, they
ask, who, what, where, when, why, and
how. You should do this same thing for
things you desire in your life.

The final step, which is the crucial
step, you have to ask yourself, can you
visualize what you want completely? You
have to visualize it as a complete
package. There must be no missing
details, it can’t be shallow and it
can’t be a broad outline; it has to be

You have to make sure you don’t confuse
this with daydreaming. Most people
daydream to reach some sort of
emotional state. If you’re under a lot
of pressure and you daydream, it feels
like your troubles are gone and there
is a glimmer of hope.

Focus on the clarity of your vision;
everything has to be accounted for. The
best way to do this is by writing it
all down. The best way to write it down
is to turn it into reality on paper,
where you can see, smell, taste, touch,
and hear your vision.

When you’re clear with your vision, the
Law of Attraction starts to work in
your life because you now have a
clearer map. All the things you need to
have in place to take action are slowly
beginning to fall into place. They may
not all be perceptible to you, but they
are taking place.

Now that you have a clear vision, the
next thing to do is focus on what you
want. You have to believe in your
vision, which requires heavy lifting in
your mind.

First you need to believe that it’s
possible, that is the key. Believe it’s
possible beyond a shadow of a doubt. If
you don’t believe in your vision, you
may end up sabotaging yourself because
in the back of your mind you are just
telling yourself that you’re playing
mind games, this stuff is not real, who
are we kidding?

Every single day write down your
vision, erase it and then write it down
again. To be a winner, start talking,
walking, dressing, like one. Most
importantly believe that you can do it
and believe that your vision is clear.

There are ways to help yourself by
believing certain visions. Try reading
positive quotes every day. These quotes
will help you stay motivated.

Next, read case studies of actual
people that have accomplished what you
want to accomplish. Read biographies,
be inspired by them, and look for
people that have overcome hurdles.

Make sure you make this focus part of
your daily routine. Believe and think
of your vision every day.

Unfortunately as humans we often wait
for things to just reach a desperate
and sad state, where we feel like we
have no choice or we are pushed into
making a change, when we have no choice
but to make a move.

When you unleash the Law of Attraction,
the manifestation becomes more
purposeful, orderly, and systematic.

You aren’t in a situation where you
have to act on something immediately
because you are forced to. Instead you
are in complete control, you call the
shots and things will play out to your
plans, not anyone else’s.

Finally, make sure you accept your end
desire. A lot of people claim they just
got lucky or it’s a one-time thing, it
will never happen again, and they don’t
deserve it; don’t make that mistake.
Don’t sabotage yourself.

Accept it mentally because it’s not
like someone just handed you over a new
house, or the car you wanted, for
example. You had to put in the work, it
took planning, it took vision, and it
took sacrifice.

Also accept it emotionally because you
are worthy, you are good enough.
Understand that the reason this vision
became a reality is because you have
changed on the inside. Remember, you
didn’t use a special pill, or black
magic, or anything else other than the
belief in the Law of Attraction.

Remember; believe in the Law of
Attraction. Believe that it works, that
it will work for you, believe that you
can do it, and you have to do it now,
not tomorrow, but now. Life will always
happen so you need to start it now and
not put it off until tomorrow.

Don’t play games with yourself and
don’t wait until everything falls into
place, because that will never happen,
life will keep going. Once you start
doing it, it will become automatic,
part of your life, which will make your
way to living an unstoppable life.

So in the next few days, let’s see what
we can accomplish with the Law of
Attraction. I am using this for my blog
to see what awesome things I can
accomplish with this blog and finally
be able to play “Take This Job and
Shove It” at my J.O.B. over the
loudspeakers. Oh how awesome would that
be, can we just imagine?

– Jewel 😉

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