Law of Attraction for Stress Relief


We all know and can agree the negative
impact that stress can have on our
personal life. That is why you want and
actually need to eliminate stress

Stress is not only bad for your health,
but stress can also lead to all kinds
of negative thoughts, depression, which
will attract more negativity back into
your life; it’s like a vicious circle.
So you want to take immediate steps to
get rid of all the stress in your life;
this will in turn help with your
relationships, money, weight and so
much more.

The best way to handle stress is to
first, take whatever issues you have
going on in your life, things that puts
knots in your stomach or has you
tossing and turning all night, and make
a list of each one of those things.

The reason we are making this list is
not to stare at it, it’s not to find
negative things about the list or dwell
on it, it’s quite the opposite. What
we’re going to do is take those
negatives and learn how to turn them
into positives.

Now this doesn’t mean that the next day
you can walk into your boss’s office
and tell them what they can do with
their job. However, what it does mean
is that you’re taking control of your
thoughts, taking control of how you see
your job, and how the Law of Attraction
is going to change your life.

A little side note of my dream. I
always had this vision of playing “You
can take this job and shove it” by
Johnny Paycheck, over the loudspeakers
when I finally quit my job.

So when you have your list finished up,
you must come up with things like
what’s good about the negative
situation? For example, I had an
attorney I worked for that loved to
throw papers in my face. I got really
good at dogging papers and dealing with
papercuts. I have all the remedies for
a papercut.

But seriously, a horrible hateful boss
will teach you how to get along with
unkind people.

Let’s look at your financial situation.
If you have a financial situation
issue, it can be turned into a positive
experience by teaching you how to be
frugal. It may change some people’s
mindset from being materialistic to
know what’s truly important in life.

You can always find something positive
no matter what the situation may be.
Just remember, every cloud has a silver
lining. This way of thinking can also
get us through difficult times.

As you live your life day to day, you
have to remember that only you can
get a glimpse of your life in small
increments at a time. Sometimes the
negative things that happen may be
exactly what you needed, which may have
turned into the most positive thing in
the world.

Take all the negative things and write
down something good about each one of
them. Then change how you look at each
situation. Practice visualizing what
you’d like to see happen with every
negative situation that you have
listed. It may be difficult at first,
but stick with it and it will get

– Jewel  😉

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