Law of Attraction for Love and Relationships


The Law of Attraction has the promise
of attracting love and good things in
relationships. As mentioned before, the
universal law is that you have to
believe it in order to receive it.
Simply, if you believe that you will
attract love and healthy relationships
that you deserve, then you will.

The first step in this process is to
look deep within you. You can’t bring
good things into your life if you are
in a disagreement within yourself. If
you’re struggling with feelings of
anger, bitterness, or disillusionment
when it comes to love and relationships
that is how you’ll know that you’re
experiencing discord in your emotional

Most importantly, you have to love
yourself and you have to know that your
happiness in life is not up to anyone
else’s actions. You are responsible for
your own happiness and emotional
well-being and you need to release
others from being responsible.

You will realize that once you practice
that, you’ll send positive thoughts
through the universe and the universe
will pay you back in kind. The Law of
Attraction brings the good
relationships into your life because of
the metaphysical wavelength.

In other words, your thoughts that are
sent out into the world, come back in
every single situation in your life. If
your thoughts are on dwelling on
negative things about love and
relationships, then that’s what you
will receive back.

This is the reason it is so important
that you release any past hurts that
were caused by negative relationships.
You are so worthy of great love and
relationships, so you need to stop any
negative emotions you may be feeling.

Remember, you deserve all the good that
life has to offer. The problem is that
if you are wanting positive changes
outwardly while you are focusing on
negative self-emotions and thoughts,
then it won’t allow the power of the
Law of Attraction to be released into
your life.

Start by not engaging in any negative
self-talk. Just think about all of your
great and positive qualities, I’m sure
there are many that you may have pushed
aside. You have to be positive and open
so the Law of Attraction can flow
toward you; all messages sent out to
the universe need to be positive ones.

This may be a little difficult at
first, especially for people that may
beat themselves up, however, it’s a
necessary thing in order for the
universe to give you everything you
need or want. You have to give it all
you’ve got to make it work.

For example, let’s say you are in a
current serious relationship, however,
it’s not going as well as you think it
should, the first thing to do is stop
dwelling on any flaws in your partner
or in the relationship.

On the other hand, if you’re not yet in
a relationship and don’t have a partner
because you are thinking that you don’t
deserve love or don’t deserve a good
relationship or to be happy, then of
course that negativity will certainly
keep it from happening.

If for example you want an amazing
romantic relationship, think positively
about the relationship you want to
have. Think about all the positive
traits you want your significant other
to have in him or her. Make sure you
keep your thoughts focused only on the
good that will come into your
relationship with this person that you
don’t already have.

With regards to family, if your
relationship with your family,
siblings, friends, etc. is full of
family or life drama that is bringing
you down and clogging up your
relationships and life, then just
release the negativity.

Once you let go of the negativity, the
baggage, this will help harness the
metaphysical law that the Law of
Attraction is based on which will
attract or draw you toward the right
relationships and the right
relationship dynamics.

Live each and every day as if you were
surrounded by people who love you and
people that are completely supportive
of you.

– Jewel  😉

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