Since I’m just starting out with my
blog, I thought the best way to start
it would be with the Law of Attraction.
I’m hoping this is something that will
work. I’ve never used it before but
I’ve heard lots of great things about
it, so what better way to try it out.

Come along with me on this journey and
see what we can accomplish. Let’s see
how the Law of Attraction can change
our lives. I am super excited about

I don’t know about you, but have you
ever thought that some people have
really great things fall into their
laps while others don’t, even though
they work really hard to have
everything they want?

Maybe you’re stuck in life, you know
the saying by Lennon “Life is what
happens to you while you’re busy making
other plans.” So for many people it
just becomes a cycle of acceptance,
accepting that this is the best it will
get no matter how hard they try or

There are days where you may be
wondering about your own life, getting
a sense that something is just not
quite right. The issue isn’t that you
are miserable or you hate your life,
just not what you thought you’d be
doing at this time. Basically working
all week for the weekend and then
dreading the good ole’ Monday coming

You may think that you were born for
something bigger and better then what
you may be doing now.

Well I’ve got some awesome news. There
is a way to learn how to wield the
positive energy within yourself to make
any and all changes happen that you
would like to see happen. The power to
make changes in life, in your life,
whether they are big changes or small
changes, is within your grasp.

I know you’re thinking, sure, and there
is also a leprechaun selling a bridge.
I better jump on that deal while
I still have the pot of gold that I
just found at the end of the rainbow.

Well I’ve got something better, the Law
of Attraction.

No more just settling for anything in
any area of your life. Whatever you
intend to be in your life, you can have
it all in abundance just by using the
Law of Attraction.


What is Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is basically the
practice that your thoughts have the
potential to create any and all results
and changes in your life. Now depending
on whether your thoughts are negative
or positive will depend on the way you
think – the focus of your mental

The important thing to remember is that
whatever you think – whether it’s a
positive or negative energy – that is
what is sent out to the universe. In
other words, your thoughts are directly
related to what happens in your life.
We have to follow the laws of the

Also, this is for everyone. It doesn’t
care how old you are, what you look
like, how much money you make or how
many bridges you may have purchased in
the past. The things you dwell on in
your thoughts will manifest in your

You put out your thoughts into the
universe; it takes root and then
thrives on whatever it is you are
thinking. For example, have you ever
thought that something bad or negative
was going to happen and then it

Or even better, have you thought of
something positive and that positive
thing you were thinking about happened?
When we believe it and expect it, we
are tapping into the Law of Attraction.
To some degree, our actions will
determine the outcome.

For example, the universe will take the
thoughts that you’re thinking, combine
them with the metaphysical and then
give you your result. In other words if
you focus all your thoughts on the
negative things then it will end
negatively, that’s what you attract
back into your life.

Or if you think that you’re not good
enough for that special person or
relationship or for that promotion,
then you won’t be. You’ll start with
the negative thoughts and actions that
will sabotage the very things you are
wanting in your life. Even if you don’t
realize it, your sulking and pouting
could lead to someone else getting what
you wanted.

The best way to explain the Law of
Attraction is that your inner thoughts
– what you cannot see – impact what you
can see – the circumstances of your

You may have already used the Law of
Attraction without even realizing it;
it’s what you use to create a cause and
effect in your life and situations.

I do this all the time, something I
need to definitely work on. Don’t turn
your thoughts or focus on anything that
can bear a negative impact. Let’s say
for example, if you have a lot of
unpaid bills, instead of dwelling on
the unpaid bills or not having any
money, change your focus.

Shift your focus over and instead start
thinking about the positive ways that
you will have more money come into your
life. That’s always a fun thing to
think about anyway. Think of the
promotion, raise, or ways you can use
your talent or skills (legally :)) in
ways that will bring in the kind of
income you need and deserve.

Start by practicing visualizing what
you would like to have happen or have
in your life. If you have trouble doing
that, then keep a notebook where you
can write down all the positive changes
you want to occur in your life. Try to
visualize it as having already

With understanding the Law of
Attraction and applying it in all areas
of your life where you want changes,
it can bring amazing results and bring you
the happiness you may be missing.

The Law of Attraction can be used for
lots of things, such as, bringing
greater financial wealth; I know we all
want that. It can also help with better
health, a less stressful life, greater
relationships, and many more things.
Whatever you may want or want to change
is possible.

In the next posts, we’ll talk about the
Law of Attraction for Love and
Relationships, Wealth, Weight Loss,
Stress Relief, and much much more. See
you then.

– Jewel  😉

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