Welcome back to the journey of my success blog,
I’m so glad you’re here. I would like to fill you
in on the progress of my journey and then I’ll
tell you how I got here.

I am desperately trying to get out of the rat
race, called a J.O.B. I work the graveyard shift
and you wouldn’t believe the people you get to
talk to in the middle of the night. Let’s just say
there are a lot of lonely and grumpy people out
there in the middle of the night.

The good thing is that with all the times I may
have failed, I can tell you what works and what
doesn’t to save you time, money and the same
headaches and disappointments I went through.
As we all know, there are no guarantees in online
marketing, but you can never give up or stop
trying if it’s something you want badly enough …
as badly as I do.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve made some
mistakes, because that’s how we learn. Now if I made
the same mistakes twice then I would have been
really upset with myself. But, as my favorite hockey
player always said “You miss 100% of the shots you
don’t take” and I live by that thought.










There is so much information out there on the
world wide web that I thought I could learn
everything incredibly quickly on my own and be
able to quit my J.O.B. Unfortunately it’s also
like a double edged sword, I began to realize
there is too much information and I would find
myself on information overload. I also have this
issue of not being very patient, which doesn’t

Then I would find something else that I would
think would work better and faster so I would go
down that rabbit hole. Trust me when I say I’ve
tried everything or at least researched everything
out there.

What I finally had to admit to myself and have
learned through all the years of research is that
you need a mentor. If you’re like me, you think
this is so simple, I can just do this by myself,
everything is on the internet, all you have is
some research, and research is free, I’ve got

Like I said before, I’ve followed just about every
shiny object out there but for some reason I
wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for. I
figured how difficult can this be? Well
apparently, it is difficult; no one is going to
give away the million dollar secret for free.

From years of experience I can honestly say that
it’s not something that you can do by yourself,
believe me I’ve tried. I’ve watched every single
Webinar, You Tube, whatever was sent to me, Mr.
Google and I have become very close.

I would get bits and pieces here and there, but
there would always be a little nugget missing
which would cause me to not have the same results
as all the successful people out there.

While working at my J.O.B. during the down times
and instead of sleeping when I should have been I
was doing research and trying to make something
work; I was very determined to make this work.

My goal is to quit my job and give my family a
possible business for the future. I also need to
make this work for my health. Right now I work
graveyard and because of the work I do, it’s
really draining and depressing.

I noticed that whenever I work on my internet
marketing stuff, I feel incredibly alive and
happy. Sometimes I have to force myself to take a
break from it and get some sleep.

While trying everything that came my way, I was
always missing something. As most of us out there,
we can’t really afford a mentor even though every
single successful internet marketer has had a

I mean let’s be real, it does make sense to find
someone that is successful at doing what you want
to do and follow in their footsteps, no need to
reinvent the wheel. Knowing me, I’d make a diamond
wheel; I love diamonds.

I guess you can look at a mentorship as a college
degree, only with less school debt and possibly
making more money. I’ve got nothing against
college; however, some people may not be able to
attend so this would be the next best thing. Also,
yes you went through college, but there are no
guarantees once you are done and out that you will
be successful, there are no guarantees in life at all.

I’ll be honest, during the last few months, I’ve
been getting really discouraged, I’ve almost
gotten embarrassed to tell my family I’ve come up
with a new idea or ask them about a new company
name I’ve come up with.

I always felt that once I found the perfect
company name then everything would just fall into
place. Yes I’m the type of person that buys the
office supplies before I have a business; the old
expression, cart before the horse.

Luckily things changed for me one day. I follow
only a few online marketers that I trust and read
everything they send. I had been following an
online marketer for years; he’s one of the few
that I completely trust because he’s very honest
and super helpful.

One day he sent out an email talking about John
Thornhill and his Partnership to Success Program.

I’ve seen this program before, but again, I didn’t
think much of it since I KNEW I could do it
better, faster, and for less money, all by
myself. I decided to watch what he had to say
anyway, I figured what have I got to lose, maybe I
can just get another little nugget of information.

After I finished watching the Webinar replay,
something seemed different with John Thornhill, so
I decided to talk to the person that originally
sent me the information about John’s Partnership
to Success Program
 and get his input. I asked him
to be honest, which I knew he would be, and let me
know if this is a good program or not since the
course was a little bit more than what I was able to

Needless to say, he raved about John’s program. I
asked him a few questions about the program and he
had all the answers, everything that I needed and
wanted to hear about the program. He also said
something that kind of hit home with me.

He said he tried all kinds of things as well,
followed all the shiny objects for years, just
like me, and he figured this will be the last
program he tries. He said he figured if this
doesn’t work, it’s just not meant to be and he’ll
just get a J.O.B. and quit following his dream.

I decided to do the same, this would be my
last hurrah, and if this doesn’t work then I’m
just going to move on with life and give up on
my dream of being an entrepreneur.

It just worked out perfectly because John was
having a special where I could join the
Partnership to Success Program for $1.00 to see
the inside of the program and then I could either
cancel or continue on after the trial period. I
knew I couldn’t afford the full amount that the
program cost but luckily he has a monthly payment
option as well, which was perfect for me.

I thought about it for 2 nights, barely sleeping
trying to figure out how I can make this work. I
decided to sign up for the $1.00 deal and look
around. I was blown away by all the information in
there. I was also blown away by how helpful John
was, down to earth, and he constantly kept saying
he is here to help.

I know you’re thinking they all say that but when
it comes to needing actual help they disappear.

Well since I did have a few questions to ask John
anyway, I sent him some queries. I not only got
the responses to my questions, but I got them back
quickly, even though we were on total opposite
time zones.

I figured with John and his teams help, there is
no reason why I couldn’t succeed, I finally found
a mentor that can help me succeed. The best part
is he is constantly reminding us that he is here
to help with anything, so you don’t feel alone and

Let me also tell you a little bit more about why I
think this program is so great, why I think it’s
the best. There are a million reasons why this
program is so amazing but following are just a few
of them.

First of all it’s not an overnight get rich quick
scheme and John never promises you that it is.
You will not make $785,893,045,123 by only
spending 10 minutes online once a month and the
money will be just rolling in while you’re sleeping.

This is a 52 week program and each week John gives
you short video lessons that go through,
everything step by step, nothing is left to
chance. However, if you’re someone like me and
don’t want to wait for 52 weeks, you can also be
fast tracked, which is what I’m doing.

For example in 4 weeks, you can already be in week
11 or 12 or however far you’ve gotten; this is a
self-paced course.

He also offers 100% success rate among his
students that complete the 52 week (12 month or
less) program. Who does that anymore? You can get
direct assistance from John or any of his team
members via Skype, telephone, email, support
ticket, even Facebook.

Also, after the 52 week training is over, John and
his team doesn’t leave you hanging, the help and
the support continue so you can keep growing.

If you want help, John provides you with help in
creating digital products as well as sustainable
online businesses, which will create residual
income. This is one of the things that sold me on
his program. Also, you’ll have access to his
current and future products as well.

The other thing that sold me on John’s program is
that he will introduce you to his thousands of
affiliates and you will be able to sell your
product to not only the affiliates but all of the
affiliates’ followers. There is no way you can

I thought the fact that he’ll promote your
products that you created, that he may have helped
you with, to all of his thousands and thousands of
email list members is just unheard of. I have never
heard of anyone else doing that.

For me, this was a no brainer. I decided after
speaking with my family that this would be my last
hurrah. If this doesn’t work, then I guess I’m not
cut out to be an internet marketer and I just
can’t live with that thought, so I will make sure it
works. Anything is possible, if you put your mind
to it, and getting a little bit of help along the
way doesn’t hurt either.

So I started the program and as I’ve been going
through his program, I realized that I would never
have made it on my own. I know there are a lot of
people out there that can and may have but I’m not
one of them. I’m on week 12 right now and the
things that I’ve learned just in weeks 1 through 8
were unbelievable.

I would have never made it on my own because I
learned things in the program that I didn’t even
know I needed, so how can you look for something
if you don’t even know about it. You don’t know
what you don’t know until you find out you don’t
know it.

During weeks 1 through 8, John showed us step by
step how to set up our site, with all kinds of
tips and tricks. There is no way I would have
figured out or found out the things he had us do
to our websites on my own.

I have learned more in the first 8 weeks than I
have in the last 8 years and believe me I’ve read
everything and watched everything I could get my
beady little eyes on.

I honestly believe I would have never been
successful had I not come across his program. I
know everyone is different; I’m just talking about
me personally.

I’m super comfortable with computer related
things, however, there were a lot of programs and
things that needed to be done and installed when
creating the website that I had no clue about.
Like I said before, you don’t know what you don’t
know until you find out that you didn’t know it.

You now have a few options going forward.

You can continue doing what you’ve been doing.

Another option is you can look for another program
or mentor that can help you reach your goals. But
please make sure that you compare the program with
John’s. Either way, please make sure that the
program provides support so you can get the best
help possible for what works for you and your

Another option is that you sign up for John’s
Partnership to Success Program, which you can pay
for monthly or at one time, whichever works best
for you. I decided I would live off of Top Ramen
and cereal, just so I can pay for his program,
that’s how badly I wanted it.

Also, if you have any questions, you can email
John or me. Either John and his team or I would
love to answer any questions you may have.

Whatever you decide, I wish nothing but the
absolute best in your journey. We’re in this
together, we all want to be successful and have
our own business otherwise you wouldn’t still be

I want the freedom that comes with having my own
business and knowing that it’s mine, it’s up to me
whether it fails or succeeds. I can maybe also get
my family to work from home and not in a J.O.B.

Most importantly, I can live my dream of owning my
own business. My other dream is to make extra
income so I can go to Disneyland and Disneyworld
as much as possible. Yes I’m a Disney addict! It
truly is my happiest place on earth, other than my
own home.

Again, whatever you decide, I wish you the
absolute best and I’ll be rooting you on. I really
think, either way you should watch the Webinar
training. You’ve got nothing to lose and
everything to gain.

Whatever you decide, do not give up, that is not
one of the options. Not only be prepared but
expect to hit roadblocks. Also expect to crash
through those roadblocks to the other side. Expect
challenges and setbacks. Go in fighting and don’t
give up, keep the faith.

I would be happy if you would join me on my
journey with Partnership to Success Program as it
happens during the next weeks and months. But
whether you decide to join or not, please say HI
and keep in touch, I would love to help in any way

Like I said in the beginning of this blog, my goal
is to make sure that there will be a lot of very
useful information here for you to explore. I
truly want to help by providing information on how
to make passive online income so you can follow
whatever dreams you have, I want to offer
solutions to people’s problems.

My number 1 priority will be to be completely
honest, transparent, and totally upfront with you
because sadly, there are some things and some
people out there that you cannot trust, and I’ve
run into quite a few of those. Follow along with
me and let’s sack our bosses together and work
from anywhere in the world … in my case even
Disneyland. Wish me luck.

To thank you for reading this and coming to my
site, I’m offering a special free report to you
called “Why You’ll Never Succeed Online” by John
Thornhill to everyone that signs up as a
subscriber. Please sign up at the top of my blog
page and you can get immediate access to the
free report.

Love and Support
– Julie 😉

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