Creating a Proper Vision Board

You’re probably asking, why is it
important to have a vision board?
Making a vision board will be very
helpful, because it can help you see
what you want the Law of Attraction to
do for you.

Try making a vision board for each area
of your life; you can have each vision
board focus on one area. For example,
some of the categories that you may
want on your vision board could include
wealth, love and relationships, health,
career or material possessions.

Another reason that a vision board is a
great idea is because our brains take
visual snapshots of what we visualize
and we hold on to that snapshot. It’s
much easier to stay focused on what we
can see.

There are different ways to make a
vision board. You can use a poster
board or a board like the one you see
at a child’s fair project; whichever
way you prefer to go will be fine,
whatever works best for you.

Then you’ll need to attach the items to
your vision board with tape, stick
glue, again whatever works best for
you. It’s not a bad idea to get some
labels for your vision board as well.

There are many different ways to add
pictures to your vision board. Some
people like to take pictures of what
they want the Law of Attraction to
bring into their lives and then they
attach those pictures to the board.

Some people will use pictures that they
cut out of a magazine, book, printing
things offline; again, whatever works
best for your situation.

You take the pictures you took or the
ones you cut out and then create a
beautiful collage of what you want to
see happen. For example, you can have a
picture of a house you’d really like to
get, or a vehicle, or perhaps the
direction you would like to see your
life or career take. This is your
vision board.

If you can’t find pictures of things
you want, you can also put certain
phrases or quotes that that can help
you affirm your focus. Another thing
you can do is, use your own or someone
else’s words or quotes, again it’s your
vision board; make it the way you want

Everyone’s vision board will be
different. The look of your vision
board will depend on how much or how
little time and energy you want to put
into it or it could just be something
super simple and basic of what you
want. For example, I’m working on mine
and it’s got lots of colors, pictures,
I don’t think there will be any free
space left on the vision board.

The reason vision boards are so good is
because when you see the images, it can
help you imagine and believe that
whatever is on the vision board will
happen for you. Your vision board will
help stir your emotions and make you
feel happy, passionate, or moved.

You can also have areas on your vision
board where you write on labels and
affix them to different areas of the
board or picture. For example, you
could write something like “I want to
live in a house like this” and affix
the label onto that particular house
picture that you want to live in.

Or you can write on a label “I want to
have a car like this” and then affix it
to the exact picture of the kind of car
you want; be specific with the picture.

Just remember there is no right or
wrong way to make your vision board.
You can place your pictures in any
order, any direction, on top of each
other, overlapping, whatever you want.
You can also use scrapbook supplies,
add highlights, colors, mix the
pictures with stickers; you can use
printed pictures, cut out pictures or
pictures you took yourself.

Also don’t limit what is placed on your
vision board. For example, if you want
something in particular out of life,
put it up there.

Don’t put an expiration date on your
vision board. For example, don’t write
“I want to live in this 3,000 square
foot home by this certain date” because
that is not how the Law of Attraction

The most important thing to remember
about your vision board(s) is that you
don’t tuck it away and out of sight.
You want to make sure you keep it where
you can see it daily.

– Jewel 😉

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